Outpatient Rehab UnitPhysical, occupational and speech therapy provide a number of benefits. You probably know this already, because if you’re reading this your doctor has likely prescribed therapeutic rehabilitation or has at least encouraged you to consider the many ways therapy can help.

To aid in the process of selecting a therapeutic rehabilitation center in Whatcom County, here are a couple of questions you might want to consider before picking up the phone:

What type of therapy does the center offer?

Here at Christian Health Care Center, our physical therapists can help diagnose and treat movement problems, helping patients regain mobility. And they can help patients avoid surgery in some cases and recover from surgery in others.

tuyyno_vdp0-sam-wheelerOur occupational therapists help patients correct or compensate for problems with daily living.

What’s the difference between physical and occupational therapy, you ask? Well, think of it like this. Physical therapy is about restoring general physical function — movement, balance, strength, flexibility. Occupational therapy is more about the specific movements required by everyday life. Or, put another way: Physical therapy will help you walk into the kitchen, and occupational therapy will help you cook dinner.

Speech therapy can be necessary following a stroke if language has become impaired. Speech therapists help individuals increase functional communication. They can also help with related swallowing challenges by modifying feeding techniques and diet requirements.

No matter what type of rehabilitation you need, CHCC’s therapists will craft a plan that’s specific to your needs. They are compassionate, well-trained healthcare providers.

Are the recovery rooms private or shared?

DSCF1026At our healthcare campus in Lynden, WA, CHCC provides top-of-the-line physical, occupational and speech therapy for a wide range of patients. Whether you’re planning a recovery from surgery at PeaceHealth Medical Center, recuperating from a workplace injury or recovering from a stroke, CHCC’s rehabilitation services can provide just the care you need. Our therapy services are available to patients six days per week.

Through a partnership with Infinity Rehab, a global leader in physical and occupational therapy, CHCC offers specialized, personal care in a private setting. In-patient therapy patients love that our physical therapy wing has its own entrance – separate from our long-term care wing — and each of our rooms has its own private bathroom. There are shared spaces for therapy sessions, socializing and visiting with family, but each of our therapeutic recovery rooms is private.

How does one schedule time in a therapeutic rehab center?

Admission to the therapeutic rehab program at CHCC involves three simple steps.

First, your physician will need to provide a summary of your health status and orders for medications, treatments, diagnostic studies, specialized rehab services, diet and physical mobility restrictions, along with plans for continuing care and discharge.

Second, you’ll need to provide CHCC with assurance there is funding in place for care services. If you’re not sure whether CHCC works with your insurance, give us a call at 360-354-4434.

Finally, our admissions approval team will carefully consider our ability to provide an appropriate level of care, maintain a safe environment and ensure proper staff levels and training.

If you have additional questions about admissions for therapeutic rehabilitation, please contact us at 360-354-4434 or via email at admits@chcclynden.org.