Whether it’s an occasional trip to Christian Healthcare Center for mobility assistance or a short-term stay while recovering from surgery, CHCC offers dedicated physical therapy and rehab services tailored to individual needs.

To ensure that these services are as robust as possible, we have partnered with Infinity Rehab, nationally respected in physical and occupational therapy, to provide rehab support to our community.

From short-term or occasional outpatient therapy to more intensive, restorative inpatient care, trained nurses and therapy professionals are available to provide individuals with the support and guidance they need in the areas of physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the differences between inpatient and outpatient therapy at our Lynden healthcare campus, and what types of therapy needs most benefit from each.

Inpatient rehabilitation services

Inpatient therapy involves a short stay at CHCC in our independent rehab wing, which has its own entrance separate from the long-term care wing on our Lynden healthcare center. Each spacious rehab room is private, with its own bathroom. The therapeutic rehab wing also includes shared spaces for physical, occupational and speech therapy sessions, plus a sunroom for socializing and visiting with family.

As mentioned above, inpatient services, which are more intensive and frequent than outpatient therapy services, are great for those recovering from injury, illness or surgery. Short-stay patients come specifically for rehab but also enjoy access to 24-hour nursing care provided within our healthcare center. This medical monitoring component can be a critical piece for those patients who need to be seen by a nurse regularly as part of their rehabilitation.

One large benefit of inpatient rehab services is that loved ones and/or family caregivers are freed from having to provide regular transportation to and from doctor appointments and physical therapy centers, because those needs are met onsite at CHCC. The inpatient setting also provides meals, personal care assistance, mobility help and other support for those who aren’t physically able to do all of these things at home while in recovery.

Outpatient rehabilitation services

Individuals participating in outpatient rehab come to CHCC’s Lynden facility for periodic physical, occupational or speech therapy sessions. Many of these patients come to get help with basic mobility or relief from pain. Others are working with physical therapists to restore lost strength and movement or to maintain the ability to manage daily tasks, thus enabling them to keep living independently in their own homes.

Another subset of our outpatient therapy clients are those who are working to rehab from sports injuries or rebuild strength after surgery but who don’t need daily rehabilitation or who have reliable transportation to and from CHCC and their doctor’s office for follow-ups.

Additionally, some patients transition from inpatient therapy to outpatient, continuing to work with the same therapists who have helped them recover, which provides a continuum of care.

Whatever your post op or rehabilitation needs might be, Christian Healthcare Center, through its partnership with Infinity Rehab, has you covered. Learn more about our rehab unit and contact Admissions today to plan your stay at our Lynden therapy center.