Family. They’re trustworthy and reliable, always around to help when you need them. You laugh with them, cry with them and, especially as you get older, you rely on them daily.

Christian Health Care Center has a team of social workers on staff whose job is to think and act like family.


Steve Wallace

Members of the social services department, led by Steve Wallace, are hand-picked for their ability and desire to welcome residents to the facility and take care of their needs. Team members are always looking out for our residents’ health and well-being.

As adults transition to CHCC, members of the social services team meet with them to perform an initial assessment of their needs. Team members also might talk with family, friends and community agency representatives to form a complete, holistic care plan.

They advocate for residents, help manage medications, identify potential behavioral health needs and provide counseling when needed. They also review resident concerns and comments for resolution to meet the resident’s needs.


Sarah Thomas

Social workers at CHCC hold meetings with residents and family members to review their care and they ensure that residents are always aware of their rights in our facility. They’re proactive in looking for ways to improve the quality of life for residents.

Christian Health Care Center’s social services team works closely with representatives of Peace Health St. Joseph Hospital, Whatcom Hospice, assisted living facilities, and adult family homes throughout the county to ensure residents have access to the care providers they need.

They practice active listening, ensuring that residents’ questions are answered and concerns are heard. They also enjoy a good conversation, and sitting with residents who just want a friend to talk with.

Just like family.

If you’re nervous about placing your loved one in a nursing home, reach out to us today to learn more about our social services team and discover what life is like here at Christian Health Care Center. We would love to be your loved one’s family away from family.

You can also meet our management team online.