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Award-Winning Transition Support for Whatcom County Elders

Christian Health Care Center is proud to support our short-term rehabilitation patients by offering complimentary visits from Faith Community Nurses.

These caring professionals work to educate patients and their loved ones so the transition process from our facility back to home is as safe and successful as possible.

Those who qualify will receive up to one pre-discharge visit at CHCC, one post-discharge visit at your home and 2-3 phone calls over a 3-4 week period.

Support Includes:

  • Helping ensure a smooth transition from the care center to your home and advocating for your specific needs
  • Discussing any concerns you may have
  • Monitoring your recovery process
  • Preparing for visits with medical professionals
  • Navigating the health care system
  • Medication management and more

In December 2015 our care transition team nurses received a special “Peace Builder Award”. Anita Tallman, CHCC’s director for more than 15 years (now retired), explains the award and the many benefits of our program in this two minute video.

Faith Community Nurses Are:

  • Partnered with Health Ministry Network* whose goal is to achieve holistic healing and good health through all denominations and religious affiliations
  • Professional Registered Nurses recognized by the American Nurses Association
  • Graduates of the Basic Preparation Course for Faith Community Nurses
  • Trained to provide personal consultations with seniors in our community and offer education, counseling, advocacy and referrals

Please contact our social services department today if you feel you or a loved one would benefit from working with a Faith Community Nurse. 360-354-4434

* The Health Ministries Network is an extension of the Spiritual Care Department at Peace Health St. Joseph Medical Center.