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cedar cove home-like kitchenCedar Cove – Whatcom County Dementia Care Unit

Cedar Cove, Christian Health Care Center’s dementia care unit, was thoughtfully designed to meet the needs and maintain the dignity of people living with Alzheimer’s and other memory impairments.

This unique wing in our facility is where professional caregivers use compassion and proven dementia care concepts to create a loving and enriching environment for residents.

cedar cove exploration cornerSafety is a top priority in Cedar Cove. Entrances and exits are monitored 24/7 – an enclosed garden courtyard provides a secure place to spend time outdoors.

Your loved one will appreciate being surrounded by familiar home-style comforts including rooms personalized with their favorite things, open spaces for socializing and exploring, and quieter places for resting.

Ready to learn more about dementia care at our Whatcom County skilled nursing facility? Contact CHCC’s social services department or visit our resources page for dementia care tips and resources.