Christian-Health-Care-Center-LyndenAccording to a recent Merck Manual article, 96% of the elderly in the U.S. believe in God or a higher universal spirit. That high percentage is not surprising to us here at Christian Health Care Center.

During the aging process, having a sense of meaning in life becomes more important. Making religion and spirituality a larger part of our lives contributes to that need for purpose.

Studies have shown that religion correlates with improved physical and mental health. Although the exact reasons for those benefits have yet to be determined, experts surmise that the sense of community found in spiritual services and having a hopeful attitude contribute to that wellness.

Some of the benefits of being spiritually connected include a more positive attitude toward illness or disability and better ability to cope with stress, such as loss of financial stability or a spouse.

Caregivers (professional nurses or family members) also benefit from spirituality and religion. Again, having a social network to go to for support is helpful in coping with the demands of being a caregiver. More positive attitudes have also been seen in caregivers who have a strong religious faith.

These are just a few of the reasons spiritual services are a big part of what we do here at Christian Health Care Center. We have seen firsthand the positive effects of religion and spirituality for our residents, their families and even staff members.

Short stay rehabilitation patients and long-term care residents can opt in to a variety of spiritual care options – at CHCC that is made possible by partnering with a variety of religious leaders and churches around our community.

Learn more about Christian Health Care Center’s spiritual offerings here, or contact our pastoral care team for more information.