Let’s face it. The human body can go through some minor and major challenges as part of the normal aging process. Walking can cause joint pain, simple housekeeping chores can become more difficult, balance can become an issue, and speech or swallowing issues may occur. These types of impairments can make everyday living difficult for Baby Boomers.

Senior citizens and elders alike deserve to live life to its fullest – and in many cases a bit of rehabilitative therapy can help.

Infinity RehabChristian Healthcare Center, through a partnership with Infinity Rehab, offers a full range of inpatient and outpatient therapy services in Lynden, WA.

Whether a parent or elderly loved one needs short-term or occasional therapy, or more intensive daily restorative care, trained nurses and therapy professionals are available at CHCC to develop a treatment plan that best fits individual needs.

Infinity Rehab physical therapists help Whatcom County elders with basic mobility and relief from pain by working to restore lost strength and movement.

When it comes to daily living activities, occupational therapists help teach the skills elders need for household tasks and personal care. Maintaining the ability to manage daily living tasks helps seniors stay in their own home and age in place as long as possible.

Speech therapists help with language and cognitive training – they also can develop alternative communication strategies if communicating verbally has become a challenge due to a stroke or another medical condition.

Through Christian Health Care Center’s partnership with Infinity Rehab, seniors in Bellingham, Lynden, Ferndale, and throughout Whatcom County have received the therapeutic rehabilitation they needed so they could move past pain and muscle weakness, work around speech impairments or manage other factors that may have been limiting their quality of life.

When elders need physical, occupational or speech therapy to help recover from a stroke, surgery or illness, contact Christian Health Care Center’s rehabilitation department at 360.354.4434 ext. 535. Therapies are conveniently available six days per week.