Providing Spiritual Support to All Faiths

Gary - Spiritual Services

Gary Vanhulzen

CHCC recognizes the importance of spirituality in daily life and in the overall well-being of many of our residents. From the start, it has been our mission to provide a comprehensive range of spiritual services.

We accomplish this by employing spiritual support staff members (Gary Vanhulzen and Holly Basaar) and by working cooperatively with religious leaders and lay people from the community who represent various denominations.

Our long-term care facility is blessed to have many compassionate volunteers faithfully providing regular, scheduled services in our building. These volunteers also help our team respond quickly to additional spiritual care requests.

Holly Basaar

Several churches in Lynden and elsewhere in Whatcom County visit regularly to provide Sunday and weekly services. They include Bethel Christian Reformed Church, Lynden Gospel Hall, St. Joseph Catholic Church, United Methodist Church, Wiser Lake Chapel and Lynden United Reformed Church.

In addition to services coordinated through CHCC, residents in our facility who are served by Whatcom Hospice receive spiritual visits from their chaplain program on a weekly basis.

The following is a list of programs typically available to residents, family members, caregivers and employees at CHCC:

9:30 a.m.: Worship service

11 a.m.: Singing and devotional (first and third Sunday of the month)

2:15 p.m.: Vesper service led by various religious leaders

10:45 a.m.: Bible study

6:30 p.m.: Singing and devotional (third Tuesday of the month)

2 p.m.: Women’s devotions (fourth Thursday of the month)

2 p.m.: Memorial service, friends and family members welcome (second Thursday of the month)

9:30 a.m.: Cedar Cove Bible study

10:15 a.m.: Catholic Mass (second Friday of the month)

11:15 a.m.: Catholic Rosary (third Friday of the month)

Our spiritual support team is available to those looking for comfort and compassion, regardless of their faith. They are respectful to the wishes of residents who prefer not to participate in faith-based activities and are also ready to serve those in need of counseling and prayer.

These services are coordinated by our chaplain coordinator, Gary Vanhulzen. Please contact him at 360-354-4434 if you have questions, requests for spiritual support, or would like to learn more about volunteering your time to provide comfort and compassion to residents of Christian Health Care Center.

“The healing process is not just medical. It’s also emotional and spiritual. All of these come together to help people heal or find comfort in difficult situations. The chaplaincy program is one of the services we offer that’s not available at many other facilities.”

Patrick O'Neill

Chief Executive Officer, CHCC

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