Hearing NorthwestHearing loss affects many senior citizens, yet often it is left untreated. Without realizing it, friends and family may make it easier for people suffering from hearing loss to ignore the signs and not seek the help they need.

Left untreated, hearing loss can affect a person’s relationships, job and safety. Getting the help they need can not only be simple, it can also improve their quality of life.

Making an appointment for a hearing screening with a local specialist is the best way to determine if a loved one’s hearing is diminishing. A screening test is quick and pain-free, plus many hearing care professionals provide these test for free.

Although not a substitute for a screening in a hearing lab, Audibel.com provides an online hearing test that can even be completed at home.

Hearing loss can be mitigated by the use of hearing aids. Many people worry that hearing aids will make it obvious they have a loss of hearing, but today’s hearing aids are small and virtually invisible. Using hearing aids can actually be less noticeable than having to ask people to repeat themselves.

The technology behind hearing aids has improved immensely over the years – newer models provide a significant increase in the range of hearing for those who wear them.

Ongoing maintenance of hearings is important! At Christian Health Care Center, specialists from Hearing Northwest come to our skilled nursing facility to clean and maintain hearing aids for the elders who live here. The service they provide has been immensely appreciated by our staff and residents, as well as their loved ones.

With the technology that exists today, there is no need for someone with hearing loss to go unchecked. If you or a loved one thinks hearing loss is impacting daily living and interactions with others, please consider a having a professional hearing test.