There are many things to consider when choosing a skilled nursing facility for a spouse, parent, grandparent or even a friend/neighbor. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind as you navigate through the process:

1.)  Is the eldercare facility close to home so friends and family can easily visit? Ideally the care center will be centrally located and situated less than 30 minutes from your home.

Christian Health Care Center2.)  What is the care center’s proximity to a hospital and is transportation provided? When there is an injury or illness, or when health issues arise as part of the normal aging process, it’s important to have access to additional medical care as quickly as possible. Christian Health Care Center, for example, is an easy 20-minute drive to many Whatcom County physician offices as well as PeaceHealth Medical Center in Bellingham, WA. Comfortable vans and skilled drivers are available to transport CHCC residents to  many necessary appointments.

3.)  How professional and caring is the staff? Do they seemed rushed or do they take the time with patients and residents and their loved ones? What is the staffing level during the day, night and on weekends? Is there a genuine interest in the residents? Some of these points may seem intangible, but it’s easy to get a general sense of how a staff works and treats its residents by spending time touring the nursing home.

Rehabilitation services at Christian Health Care Center4.)  What other services are available at the facility? At CHCC, for example, nursing teams work 24-hours a day to care for residents. Also, thanks to a partnership with Infinity Rehab, therapeutic rehabilitation is offered on an inpatient and outpatient basis. A full therapeutic recreation program also helps residents and patients remain active and engaged during their time at CHCC.

5.)  What are the living arrangements? Some rooms have private bathrooms for residents while others have shared bathrooms. Some therapeutic rehab rooms are private while others are shared. Is there a shared dining room that allows time for socialization or are meals provided in the rooms? These are just a couple of the points to consider when evaluating a nursing facility.

When you are ready to tour a few skilled nursing facilities in Whatcom County, print a copy of this handy Medicare checklist.

Choosing the right long-term care or therapeutic rehab facility is a big decision. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the process, please contact CHCC’s admissions department – they are available as a resource for you.