A9B087D3FFThe older I get, the more I feel my age. My body doesn’t heal as fast as it used to, and it’s not as resistant to pain.

And yet the more I move, the better I feel.

That’s not a coincidence, of course. Regular exercise offers a host of benefits for older adults.

Let’s start with safety. A third of Americans over the age of 65 fall every year, and falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults. But the better our balance, strength and flexibility, the better our chances of staying upright.

But suppose we do fall. If we do end up taking a tumble, physical therapy can help us get back on our feet faster. Therapeutic rehabilitation can also aid in recovery from illness, stroke, fractures, surgeries and more.

Help with the daily routine: As we age, certain tasks often become more difficult to do. But I’m not going to give up on preparing meals, washing the dog and checking the mail just because I had another birthday. Exercise, or outpatient physical therapy, can help make these tasks easier and can even restore lost function.

photo-1417962779624-1790ed01e8d5Health management: Did you know that regular exercise can help improve many medical conditions? Fitness programs have been shown to help with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. Fitness also can boost your immune system, help stave off osteoporosis, kick-start your metabolism and help you manage arthritis pain.

Social well-being: Of course, fitness can also be just plain fun. Getting up and around for music, social events, scenic outings, worship services, pet visits, movie nights and rounds of bingo can improve not only your strength and fitness but also your quality of life. So get up and move!

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