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Why do Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses choose to work at our Whatcom County skilled nursing facility? Here are some of the top reasons new hires and long-term employees have shared:


Ability to develop relationships

Nursing is personal and developing relationships with patients makes day-to-day work meaningful for many. Becoming a nurse at Christian Health Care Center means you’ll be able to serve the same patients–it’s a different experience for those who have worked in a hospital setting where patients change over quickly.


In addition to long-term care, CHCC also has a short-stay rehabilitation unit, a dementia care wing, and a neighboring adult day health program. As a nurse at CHCC, you can use and maintain your skills in one area — say therapeutic rehab nursing — and potentially have access to working as a nurse in other departments on our campus.

Career growth opportunities

Do you dream of taking your career to the next level by becoming a nurse manager? With the right skillset, that dream can become a reality at CHCC. We often train and promote RN/LPN nurses who work here to become nurse managers and even to fill the role of assistant director of nursing. There is a clear path to career advancement at our Lynden healthcare center.

A respected employer

Many nurses who apply at Christian Health Care Center have heard a friend or loved one speak highly of an experience at CHCC — they want to be a part of working at a healthcare campus that is well-respected in Whatcom County.

Flexible work environment

CHCC has full-time shift options based on nurses working 8 or 12 hours. These shift schedules allow you pick a work schedule that fits the needs of your family and/or lifestyle. We also offer part-time 4-hour options (6-10 p.m.). Additionally, full-time RNs and LPNs at CHCC are put on an every-other-weekend-off rotation so you can plan for vacations and family activities.

Help with continuing education

CHCC offers a tuition reimbursement program to full-time nurses who have been with us for more than a year and we work to accommodate school schedules. LPNs who are in RN school can often work shifts at CHCC on weekends and/or other days they are not in school. We also offer countless continuing education opportunities — at your own pace — via Relias Learning’s online training programs.

Passion for serving elders

Nurses who choose Christian Health Care Center as an employer have a natural love for long-term care and for serving elders. They like providing healthcare to the elderly population and helping individuals and families transition through life with dignity and respect.

What do you think? Do the benefits of working as an RN or LPN nurse at Christian Health Care Center sound like what you’re looking for? Do you have a heart for patient care and for serving the elderly? Can you think on your feet and remain calm under pressure? Do you see the value in policy and procedure compliance? Do you have a sense of humor and the ability to maintain a positive attitude, even on difficult days?

If so, please check out our current openings for nurses and apply online today or call and speak with our HR director, Kari Heeringa, about your skills and career goals.

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“One of the things I like about long-term care is helping the elderly age with dignity. The long-term care setting allows you to grow a relationship and a bond with the patient and their family.”

Mel Blok

Nurse, Christian Health Care Center