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The following is a list of volunteer opportunities at Christian Health Care Center.

Volunteer with older adults in LyndenPlease contact our therapeutic recreation department, if you would like to help in these areas or suggest something new.


  • Piano player
  • Friendly visitor for one-on-one visits with residents
  • Inter-generational activities
  • Write a letter for residents
  • Male-orientated program leader/assistant
  • Manicurist
  • Pet visits
  • Display monthly activity calendar throughout building
  • Reception relief
  • Therapeutic recreation staff assistant
  • Song leader

Crafts and Games

  • Craft leader or assistant
  • Play a board game (bingo, cards, cribbage, checkers, chess)
  • Students can serve as volunteers - Lynden WASeasonal watering and weeding/gardening projects


  • Devotions leader
  • Worship service leader


  • Guest speakers
  • Individual or group vocalists
  • Piano or instrument players
  • Share a slide show
  • Variety program