Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering

What do I do if a resident asks me to bring them something to eat?

Volunteers should not bring residents food from outside the facility.  Special exceptions may be made, however a volunteer should always check with the nurse on duty.


What do I do if a family member or friend of the resident asks me about their condition?

Always refer questions about a resident’s condition to the nurse in charge.

What do I do if a resident complains about the nursing facility?

Listen to the resident’s comments and show faith in the staff.  Inform therapeutic recreation staff and/or our volunteer coordinator of complaints.

What if I don't like my volunteer position?

If you do not enjoy your volunteer responsibilities, please speak to the volunteer coordinator or therapeutic recreation staff.  Open and honest communication is essential!  Happy volunteers are good volunteers and we don’t want anyone volunteering for a position he/she is not content with or does not feel capable of performing.  There are numerous opportunities at CHCC and we desire to find the right one for you.