This article was originally published in the Lynden Tribune. 

9/11 is just around the corner. This commemorative day has become a time for citizens across the United States to honor and remember first responder who work to protect and serve us all.

Here in Lynden we are very fortunate to be under the watch and care of top notch first responders—local “heroes” as we like to refer to them at Christian Health Care Center.

PC: Lynden Tribune

PC: Lynden Tribune

Women and men who work and volunteer as firefighters, paramedics and law enforcement officers are a critical part of our community. On a daily basis they respond to a variety of situations and provide support and care without expectation of fanfare or special recognition.

Residents and staff at Christian Health Care Center have often witnessed how patient, kind and sensitive our local heroes are. They are clearly well-trained to handle a variety of personalities and situations.

Lynden Fire Department has responded to our building many times since CHCC was founded 60 years ago. They are always professional, and very forgiving of occasional “false alarm” calls that were the result of an older adult triggering an alarm.

Knowing we can count on paramedics to respond quickly to aid calls is comforting. The Lynden community has access to emergency medical equipment and staff that save the lives of family members, friends and neighbors. That’s a true blessing.

What local police officers do for our community is equally impressive. Recently Lynden Police Officers Scott Myhre and Russ Martin responded to a request for help from our healthcare campus. Their approach to the situation was compassionate, professional and spot on. They remained calm and respectful which stopped the escalation of a situation that could have affected the health and well-being of one of our patients.

Officers Myhre and Martin provided support and encouragement to our staff through a journey that lasted hours. They eventually helped an older individual with dementia work through their thought process and make a decision that ensured their safety, all while maintaining the patient’s dignity.

Protecting the health and safety of Christian Health Care Center’s residents and patients is our primary goal, and it’s something our staff takes very seriously. Sometimes we need a bit of extra help when unique situations arise. It is truly reassuring to know access to caring, highly trained first responders is only a phone call away.

Thank you to all Lynden heroes! Please know that Christian Health Care Center appreciates what you do 365 days per year. We are thankful you chose a career that allows you to serve Lynden residents in powerful and meaningful ways. What you do is necessary and highly valued.

– Patrick O’Neill, Lynden resident and CEO of Christian Health Care Center